CCM Membership

CCM members are representatives from various constituencies including government, NGO’s, private sector organizations, Religious/ Faith based organizations, Bilateral Development partners, Multilateral Development partners, people living with the three diseases, key affected population, women, youth and media house.

Members represent the interests of the country level stakeholders in the fight against HIV, TB, and malaria. As individuals, CCM members are accountable to the sectors they represent and as a group the CCM is accountable to the nation.

In April 2018, the CCM convened an Extraordinary General Meeting to review its membership and resolved to expand from ten to seventeen members representing various constituencies that include Ministries of Health, Finance, Information, SSAC and Uniform forces; Chamber of Commerce, Media House from the Private Sector; Women Union, Youth Union, KAP and FBO from the Civil Society; and PLWD with represented by SSNeP+ and Malaria Consortium; WHO and CDC from multilateral and bilateral sectors.

Members Selection

CCM members representing the non-government constituencies should be ELECTED by their own constituencies on the basis of a documented, transparent process, developed by each constituency. All documentation in the election process of membership must be provided to the constituency with guidance from the CCM. Each constituency shall also elect an alternate to represent the member at CCM meetings in the member’s absence. Individuals representing the Government of the Republic of South Sudan and multilateral/ bilateral development partners are NOMINATED and SELECTED respectively. Government representative should be at a senior-level management at least at a Director and above. Each constituency shall also select or appoint alternates to represent the member at CCM meetings in the member’s absence.

Member’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Attend 75% of full CCM meetings per year, barring unforeseen circumstances. Members who are also members of sub-committees, e.g. Oversight Committee, are required to attend 75% of such committee meetings per year, barring unforeseen circumstances
  • Demonstrate commitment to the Global Fund principles, including advocacy, information sharing and constituency engagement, gender, equity and rights
  • Adhere to the criteria set out in the CCM Governance Manual, the CCM Conflict of Interest Policy and all other relevant CCM and Global Funds documents and requirements
  • Report back to their constituency (colleagues/ partners/ civil society), and ensure effective dialogue is conducted, solicit constituent’s contributions to CCM meetings and promote effective multi-sectorial collaboration in the fight against the three diseases.

Membership Standards

The Global Fund sets the following membership standards with respect to CCM membership role and responsibility to:

  1. Share information with their constituents in an open and timely manner, and should respond to requests for additional information
  2. Consult their constituents regularly so that they can reflect their views and concerns in CCM decisions and meetings.