CCM Secretariat

The CCM Secretariat is a full-time unit that assists the CCM to carry out its functions as required by the Global Fund in line with its own founding documents. The Secretariat supports the CCM in carrying out the following core functions:

  • Support the CCM in the oversight role of implementation of Global Fund grants that will include stakeholders’ participation.
  • Support the CCM in communication to Global Fund and stakeholders
  • Support the CCM to manage the process of country dialogue, designing and development of Concept notes to submit to the Global Fund.
  • Support CCM in processes of information sharing and publicity.
  • To Maintain CCM documentation and archives.
  • To support Coordination of CCM and committee meetings

Support the CCM to establish, review In addition to the above, and under the Global Fund New Funding Model, Secretariats will support CCMs to play a stronger leadership role in:

  • Participation in National Strategic Plan discussions and development at national level
  • Convening of stakeholders to engage in inclusive country dialogue and to agree on funding allocations.

The Secretariat reports to the CCM and the CCM Executive Management Committee, and is overseen by the CCM Chair.

The CCM Secretariat is headed by the CCM Coordinator and staffed by other technical and support staff as decided by the CCM from time to time. The Coordinator and the CCM Secretariat supports the decision-making and other functions of the CCM. The Secretariat staff attend CCM meetings but are not voting members.

The CCM Secretariat will support the CCM in all its activities and maintains updated records of the CCM including profile of the CCM Members. The Secretariat performance is evaluated on annual basis, using agreed evaluation procedures & staff appraisal tools.

Committee Meetings

Regular committee meetings are scheduled quarterly. The Oversight Committee conducts at least 4 field visits per annum and ensures involvement of key affected populations or PLWD in this process.

The CCM main meetings are usually held quarterly and other meetings do take place as necessary. Quarterly meetings are scheduled annually in advance, advised by notice from the Chair, through the Secretariat. Extraordinary meetings are called by the CCM Chair. Any CCM member may request an extraordinary meeting by submission in writing to the CCM Chair.

Proposed agenda items for scheduled meetings should be submitted to the CCM Secretariat at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. The Secretariat will send meeting announcements, along with agendas and all relevant meeting materials, to CCM members one week (or at least 5 working days) in advance of the meeting.

Participation in Meetings

CCM members and alternates participate in CCM meetings. The CCM may invite PRs, implementers, National Disease Programs, advisors, or guests to participate in the meetings. These invited individuals may speak and participate in the deliberations of the CCM, but cannot take part in any CCM voting or final decision making.


CCM meetings are open to observers, including sub-recipients, individuals directly involved in program implementation, and other stakeholders. Observers can only speak in the meeting if authorized by the Chair. Observers cannot take part in any CCM voting or be part of decision making. Under special circumstances, the CCM has the right to exclude observers from attending meetings.