CCM Key Documents

The CCM Secretariat will support the CCM in all its activities and maintains updated records of the CCM including profile of the CCM Members. The Secretariat performance is evaluated on annual basis, using agreed evaluation procedures & staff appraisal tools.

The Secretariat manages GF, PR, CCM and Secretariat information – accessing, storing and retrieving this information to support CCM and CCM Committee operations. These key documents include:

  1. CCM Constitution and By Laws
  2. CCM Governance Manual
  3. Secretariat Operating Procedures
  4. Oversight Plans
  5. Proposal Development Road Maps
  6. CCM Strategic & Operational Work plans and Budgets
  7. Reports on feedback to and from constituencies

In addition, the Secretariat stores, updates and shares public information. These documents include:

  1. Membership list
  2. Conflict of Interest policy and declaration
  3. Constituency election/selection process
  4. CCM & Committee Meeting minutes
  5. Terms of reference for committees
  6. PR selection documentation
  7. Proposal development documentation – Roadmaps and Concept Notes
  8. Oversight reports, investigations and field visit notes